Compliance Made Effortless for Property and Facility Management Companies

Compliance Made Effortless PM

Vendor compliance management can be time-consuming. However, RMIS provides peace of mind that will save you time and reduce your risk through streamlining your compliance process.

Take the hassle out of compliance management.

Our Vendor Compliance and Monitoring Program is designed to help you onboard new vendors and suppliers more efficiently, and easily manage compliance across multiple locations.

We handle all the details of vendor and supplier compliance from pre-registration to approval. Our highest-level customer support team is available to assist vendors during registration and provide ongoing support thereafter. We rigorously monitor new Certificates of Insurance and continuously update them to ensure the most current insurance information is available to our customers.

Stop chasing insurance agents.

Let RMIS handle the task of onboarding your vendors and obtaining and monitoring Certificates of Insurance. Our highest quality customer service team contacts agents so you can utilize properly insured vendors and suppliers when you need them.

Customized for your business.

We consider customization and compliance to be synonymous terms in our profession. We understand that our customers have their own unique process, which is why we make sure your vendors are audited against your specific rule set. We go the extra mile and tailor our product to fit your business needs with our custom registration website and daily monitoring service.

Paperless is easier and more efficient.

The registration process is completely electronic, eliminating the need for paper registration, scanning, and faxing. Electronic registration gives your vendors and suppliers an easily accessible way to efficiently complete your paperwork. Our live support team is available to address inquiries before, during, and after registration.

Our various pricing models make choosing RMIS the best solution for your business.

Want to know more about our Vendor Compliance and Monitoring Program and how it can make a valuable impact on your business? Give us a call today at (800) 400.4924 or email to schedule a demo.

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