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The ELD Mandate is dominating conversations in the transportation industry, especially with its compliance date approaching in the next few months. There have been several delays as well as discussions about pushing the date back to allow carriers more time to get compliant. Do you think the rule will take effect in December despite continuous attempts to delay it?

About the ELD Rule and Deadline

The Electronic Logging Devices Final Rule allows for accurate recording of driving times and logging hours. Per the TIA, all motor carriers must be compliant by December 18, 2017 and carriers using an AOBRD or other types of logging technology have until December 16, 2017. Transport Topics reports that carriers will not be placed Out of Service until April 1, 2018, though they are still subject to penalty if not compliant.

Who Does the Rule Affect?

If carriers do not meet the ELD requirement, their Operating Status with FMCSA will be changed to Out-of-Service. Worried about how this penalty will affect your carriers through your automated compliance process? If Operating Status is already a part of your business rules, you can have peace of mind. A carrier that fails their ELD requirement will appear as “non-certified” when their status changes to Out-of-Service.

The Delay

The House Committee has been working to create a delay for the mandate. Their reports typically direct attention to smaller carriers who may be burdened by the compliance regulation due to time and money. Though the FMCSA’s goals are clear for the ELD implementation, it seems the House Committee is willing to do what they can to get the compliance date pushed back to sort out the details.

FMCSA has consistently reported on ELD compliance since the implementation was first announced in late 2016 to ensure carriers have enough time to implement the devices. Are you ready for the switch? Contact us if you have any questions about how this will affect your compliance process.

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